Yak Blankets

Through the years, people have received Yak Blankets in exchange for donations.  The current price is $35 US, plus shipping, if you need them shipped.

These are Yak hair blankets made in Nepal that The Nepal Project uses to raise money for schools and education

Nepali blankets, after they have travelled to the US.

These blankets are made in small shops in and around the Kathmandu valley, typically by women who make pennies per hour for their labor.  They often work in factories without any power or running water and do the fabrication by hand.  The wool that the blankets are made of typically consist of yak hair or sheep, depending on availability.  For TNP, we often receive yak blankets.

For us to receive these blankets, someone from Dang has to take an overnight bus right to Kathmandu.  This ride can take up to 18 hours, and these buses have neither heating nor air conditioning.  Once in Kathmandu, our rider must take a local bus to the part of the city where these blankets are sold.  The weary traveler is often bus lagged (like jet lagged, but more uncomfortable), dehydrated and hungry.  They navigate this district of Kathmandu and find a shopkeeper willing to extend a deep discount on a bulk purchase of blankets.

After lengthy negotiations that includes the consumption of tea and the exchange and pleasantries, the blankets are purchases and wrapped in a plastic bag and pillow case for shipment to the US.  There are typically no cardboard boxes available for shipping.

At some point, I receive an email asking me (again) for our mailing address, and the address is written in marker on the outside of the pillowcase.  The pillowcase is then tied closed and taken to an international shipment station, where it is weighed and a customs declaration is done.

The blankets travel via overland, sea and air to arrive in the US.  They are then delivered via USPS to our home, where we open the pillowcase with a pair of scissors and set them aside for distribution.

The difference between the cost of the blankets and the amount that you buy them for is used to pay for direct and indirect costs associated with building and staffing schools in the Dang Valley of Nepal.  They change lives.

Thanks for your support.

52 thoughts on “Yak Blankets

  1. how do I buy a yak blanket and how much are they, also is there a choice in colours. I live in Australia, can they be sent there? thanks


    • Yes I can send you one to France. They are 100% wool. Shipping may be expensive. I will be in France in August. I can bring one then if you want to save on shipping. You can look up the cost of shipping 1kg from usa to France. It is another $20.


  2. Hello
    You mean 40 inch x 80 inch right?
    It’s ok for me
    All good
    Please tell me what you need for tell me where will you be in France.
    Best regards


  3. Jeff – I just made a donation in memory of our mutual friend Michael Bruno. If possible, I would like to have a blanket to remember him by. Please contact me via email to figure out logistics. Thanks. Ken.


  4. Hello. Is it possible to have two-three 100% yak wool blankets (no sheep wool, I have allergy to that one) and also could you approximate the shipping cost to PA 19053 here in the states. Thanks a lot.


    • Don’t know you if you got my message on this, so I will send again. Yes, we can ship to PA. Shipping is $10 for up to 5 blankets. If you paypal me the money, I will send out the blankets (variety of colors) the following day. NO Sheep!


  5. Hello! I love what your organization is doing.
    I would love to order five (5) of your wool yak blankets. And/or blankets which are $35.00 you described. they are gifts for friends at Thanksgiving. do you have blankets now and about how long will it take to ship them to Houston, Texas?


  6. Do you have any yak only blankets right now? It’s for my grandma and she has plaque psoriasis and sheep’s wool (even lamb) aggravates it making her condition worse. What colors do you have? Where do you ship from and how Long does if take for the order to go out? What colors do You have available?


    • I had a whole lotta blankets two weeks ago. I am down to 3 of them. I can ship to wherever that USPS delivers. They are not made from sheep.

      Colors are always mixed. The size is a consistent 4′ x 8′. I can ship on Monday.

      To order, go to the home page and select donate. This will send you to paypal. One blanket is $35. Shipping is $10 more, no matter how many blankets you order.


  7. Hello friends, I am interested in a yak (only) wool blanket to be shipped to the US. Do you have any in stock now? Thank you for your reply.


  8. Hi, are you still going to Nepal in October? I’d like one blanket, which would have to be shipped to South Africa (I’ll obviously pay the costs).


    • I just returned. The blankets are $35 each, plus shipping. I can ship them the day after we get payment. We ship USPS. Let me know how many you want. For France, shipping is about $18


  9. I would like to order a blanket. Please advise the next step. I would need it shipped. I live in the Palm Springs, CA area. Thank you


    • Kathleen, I am leaving to go to Nepal in 4 weeks. I will be coming home with 50 blankets. Once I get back, I will tell you what they cost (prices vary, as you can imagine), and I will send it to you as soon as I can. There are no next steps for you. It’s on me.


    • I just returned. The blankets are $35 each, plus shipping. I can ship them the day after we get payment. We ship USPS. Let me know how many you want. If just one, shipping is like $9


  10. For 2018 our church kids are going to raise money to buy a yak for an Asian family. So I want to buy a couple blankets to show our church. How do I do this, when you have them available.


      • Hi, Jeff,

        Can you please put me down for two blankets in your next shipment? I’m not sure you saw my last reply….

        If it’s a problem, please let me know, I understand.

        Thanks for anything you can do,




  11. Are these blankets still available and can they be shipped to Australia? What is the price now and can you tell me the size? Many thanks. Sheila


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