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Two Projects at once

In 2017, we are attempting to do two projects at once. Wanna join us?

Feedback on Teacher Training

Providing training is like the man in the parable of the sower. Read how we are doing it.

T-Minus two days

Life will be too busy for me to write any updates between now and when we all land in Kathmandu. One this trip, Marty will be going to review construction and make recommendations for change.  Also, as a board member, his insight for future work is valuable. Megan Riley will also be going.  She will […]
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2013 in Review

By the time you read this, 2013 will nearly be over.  You should want to know if your donations and prayers made a difference. Although I am getting the credit for what you see below, it is your contributions that made this happen. Look at the kids, looking at computer screens for what is, most […]
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