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End of the Year Review 2018

Year end review, with some stories.

Planning in the new reality

Come join me in 2019 on Everest. Yes, you can do it.

May 2017 Update

Suffering before a missions trip…yeah, that is the ticket!

Two Projects at once

In 2017, we are attempting to do two projects at once. Wanna join us?

Teacher Training Complete

A story from the heart..

Of people and things, 2015.

The Nepal Project has always been about the people of Nepal.  That said, people need THINGS, and TNP delivered! This trip, our connection to the THINGS of Nepal included electricity for two schools in the Dang Valley.  Marty and I raised money for the purchase and installation of a pair of solar arrays on the […]
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Journey to Dang

The journey to the Dang Valley starts with a step, public bus, motorbike, taxi, airplane, rigshaw, night bus and a private van; it takes 9 hours and a lot of patience to arrive from Kathmandu. The benefits of knowing the local language makes travel 10 times easier but definitely not more comfortable. Our caravan of […]
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Manscaping: Nepal Edition

There is a place in Nepal called nirvana, it’s located in the barber’s chair. If you are lucky enough to go to Nepal, I suggest heading to the barber for a little manscaping.  It’s a true local experience. A haircut in Nepal is not like one in the United States. Your hair is expertly combed […]
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