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May 2017 Update

Suffering before a missions trip…yeah, that is the ticket!

Annapurna 100 Update, March 2017

Each of us who have committed to running the Annapurna 100 as part our efforts to make a difference in the lives of Nepali school children are in various places in our training and testing.  Here are summaries of each athletes’ goings on as they prepare to run along the side of the mountain in the […]
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Board of Directors Meeting Notes: August, 2014

Attendees: Jeff Gaura Bruce Petty Marty Cocking Time:  10:15 till 11:30 Date:  23 August, 2014   We opened the meeting in prayer and distributed the written requests for support for solar projects at both Saudiyar and Madan Bhandary schools.   We all agreed to try and fund each project not at the requested levels but at […]
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Captain, we need more power!

The delivery of the computers at Madan Bhandhari School (MB School) was a great event for the students and staff at the school, as was apparently well received by the community.  Alas, we forgot to account for one thing:  Power.  The local grid doesn’t have the resources to extend power to the school during daylight hours, and […]
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