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Planning in the new reality

Come join me in 2019 on Everest. Yes, you can do it.

Annapurna100 update-two weeks to go

Running a Ultra to fund school construction. What was I thinking?

May 2017 Update

Suffering before a missions trip…yeah, that is the ticket!

Annapurna 100 Update, March 2017

Each of us who have committed to running the Annapurna 100 as part our efforts to make a difference in the lives of Nepali school children are in various places in our training and testing.  Here are summaries of each athletes’ goings on as they prepare to run along the side of the mountain in the […]
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Teacher Training Complete

A story from the heart..

Year in Review

As winter rolls through Nepal and people in the rural areas rest from farming, the Kathmandu valley continues to rebuild after the quakes. Reports say that the ruble is not yet cleaned from the streets, despite 6 months of time elapsing.  However, transportation has mostly returned to normal, and there is food to make it […]
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Of people and things, 2015.

The Nepal Project has always been about the people of Nepal.  That said, people need THINGS, and TNP delivered! This trip, our connection to the THINGS of Nepal included electricity for two schools in the Dang Valley.  Marty and I raised money for the purchase and installation of a pair of solar arrays on the […]
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T-Minus two days

Life will be too busy for me to write any updates between now and when we all land in Kathmandu. One this trip, Marty will be going to review construction and make recommendations for change.  Also, as a board member, his insight for future work is valuable. Megan Riley will also be going.  She will […]
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Directors’ Meeting and Year End Financials

Transparency is inseparable from integrity.  As such, at our board meeting last week, we decided to post our year-end financials and board meeting minutes publicly. People contribute time and prayer, in addition to money.  We have chosen to label all of you as “investors.”  We don’t take the Wall Street approach to defining this, as […]
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