Why we do this?

It is called the Great Commission in the Bible.  It is also in the category of Right Thing to do.  We have resources to share.  The residents of the Dang Valley do not have as much as we do.  We share, because we can.

We share our knowledge.  They don’t know how to educate and build like we do.  They lack a dynamic library of resources.

We share our time.  They get to know America and others from the West in a way that doesn’t include politics or the media.

We share our wealth.  One dollar buys 100 rupees.  Our “scraps” provide luxury living, on a relative scale.  We can build a multi-room elementary school for a few thousand dollars.  In the US, this doesn’t buy a bathroom remodel.

We share love.  It may take the form of words, but it will always take the form of action.

What makes us unique?  We have the ability to read, write and speak in the languages of Dang (Nepali and Tharu), and we know the leaders there.  Many of them were Jeff’s students, when he was a teacher there in the late 1980s.

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