About Us

Jeff Gaura

Jeff Gaura, near Everest, pondering how to use his language skills to help

My wife is happy. My kids are well adjusted. I have no debt and am healthy. My business is filled with talented people whom I trust, and it creates more than adequate wealth for me. So, now what do I do? That is the question.

As such, I give back.  We have formed a board of directors, received non-profit status and travel to and from Nepal, extending help to those who need it more than we do.

We work in the Dang Valley in Western Nepal, far from the tourist regions in Kathmandu and the Himalaya. I lived there between 1987-1989 as a Peace Corps Volunteer. On our visits, we see old colleagues and visit some sites of a proposed non-profit school that the community there needs some help in building.

The intention is for them to provide the land and some of the labor. Hopefully, others can contribute money to pay for cost of the materials. I have asked others to assist getting the finances and doing some of the engineering.  Before we are done, we will need $6.1 M US to build a school for 1200 students that includes on-campus housing for all of them, as well as housing for local and International teachers.

Pray about joining us.  And, if you don’t want to join us, please pray for us.

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