Annapurna100 update-two weeks to go

With only two weeks to go before travelling to Nepal to run the Annapurna100, I am long since overdue to publish an update.  For now, I am thinking that I have 2 Ultras in the next 15 days, as well as a business to run, and thinking about those tasks occupies must of my awake time.  More than once in the last week, my mind has asked, “what were you thinking?” as I try to structure my world around these events.

This weekend, I am running the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) Ultra-marathon to prepare for the big one in Nepal.  The USNWC race is the same length and considerably easier as far as elevation gain is concerned, but it helps me with the mental challenge associated with going long.  The USNWC race should take me about 6 hours to finish.  Once I am done, I will shower, eat and pass out for a couple of hours before heading to the couch to watch college football.

Pillars of bulding

Workers prepping the foundation of the school.  In an area governed by monsoon rains, this step is even more important than it is here in the US.

The following day, I am presenting to the congregation of our church, Benton Heights Presbyterian, about what they can pray for while I am gone.

The Annapurna Ultra is my “A” race of the year, meaning it gets my most thoughtful taper, and I deem it to be my greatest challenge this year, as I have neither visited this part of Nepal nor have I ran in Nepal for any real distance.  I am beyond excited to get to return to Nepal and do more than just see people and visit places.  Getting to “run with a reason” has created some quality educational conversations about The Nepal Project.  For all of you that have donated and prayed for us during this cycle, you will like what you see when we get back with photos.

Preparing water tan & safty tank

Brick work is not the same as the US.  The bricks here are made, not bought…

To begin, my “boyz” in Nepal, Khopi Ram and Nav Raj, have already started using the money we have sent them, and the model school is under construction.  I have received spending reports and hope to see walls up when we arrive.  The school is near a main roadway and should attract lots of attention from locals.

Of the 71 participants currently registered for the Annapurna100, 6 are from USA and only 1 is Nepali.  There are many Europeans and some Asians.  The only part of the world not represented was Antarctica, but there were some New Zealanders on the list!  I can only imagine that I will be overloaded with translating on race day between Nepali and all the different flavors of English and German that I will hear.

More updates as we get closer.

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