May 2017 Update

A small of group are preparing to run the Annapurna 100 Ultra-marathon, only a month after the end of the monsoon.

What we are expecting:

  • Jet lag….we will be on the other side of the world, where our body rhythm will tell us that day is night and night is day. Nepal is 11:45 minutes off from Eastern Standard Time.
  • Water differences. At the end of the race, we will spend the night at a small village in the Himalaya with no access to hot water.  We will take cold showers, in low temperatures, for a lack of any other alternative, other than not to bath.
  • Temperatures during the race will cover the full gamut…we should see 40 to 90 F during the course of the day.

As we train, we suffer.  For most going on a “missions trip” they biggest obstacles are $ and fear of the unknown.  However, during the build up to their departure, there is no suffering.  During our preparation, we suffer.  We all are doing some form of Physical Therapy, in addition to watching our calorie intake and getting our miles in.  Here is the latest updates, from each Athlete


Megan and her game face…

Megan Riley:      “I run 4-5 times a week and average 20 miles. I usually run 2-3 short, high intensity runs and (2) 2hr+ runs. I have added 2 days of weights. For cross training, I started cycling 1-2 times per week for 1 hr+, play tennis and do yoga. I figure it’s going to take me more than 8 hours to run in Nepal, so my focus is to get to 4 hours of sustained running by early summer. I have lot of trips to national parks planned to get me to this goal. Another important aspect of my running is heart rate. I need to keep it lower to sustain long runs, so I am focused on keeping it below 165 bpm on my long runs.”


Ben and the ever disappearing toenails

Ben Looney: “My 50 mile race is a little over a month away and I’ll be tapering 3 weeks out. I’m in peak training! Which sucks! I’m putting anywhere from 60 – 70 miles in a week. Doing strength training in the gym followed by doing 100-150 flights of stairs in the stair master. Usually on Wednesday I’ll do a double run with a morning run followed by an evening run. All of that, and weekly visits to the chiropractor and massage therapist!”

Lucinda Ben-Avi:  Surgery on my hand, c/o a cactus has hampered training, for now.  Looking forward to return.

PeterPeter: “Well…This month I have been fighting off left ankle pain. I’m still not quite sure if it is a tendonitis or a high sprain, so I am trying to address it as if it is both. I do about an hour of leg exercises daily for rehab, including foam rollers, sole-to-sole, calf stretches, resistance band, balance board. It is slowly getting better but I have done almost zero running for a month or more. To keep myself cross-trained I am doing a 30-minute swim a few times weekly. To be honest I am way behind compared to my original training plan, although still enough time to catch up dependent on my ankle recovering reasonably soon.”

Badwater1.jpgJeff G:  “My longest Duathlon of the Season is over, and now is cycling season.  I have several 100 mile rides coming up, and I get in several runs a week.  I don’t go into “all running” mode until the end of August.  That should give me 2 full months to cycle through an Ultra preparation plan…hope that is enough!”







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