Not an Annapurna 100 update

Setting aside the details of the Annapurna100 for a moment, let me catch everyone up on our construction efforts for this year.

young Tharu girl carries a water jug home on her head

A young Tharu girl carries a water jug home on her head. I would love to try to get them to laugh or giggle and see if they would drop the jug.

We have already sent over money to start the renovations at Madan Bhandary School.  That work has commenced, and everyone who is joining us for the trip to Nepal this October will get to see that school, up close and personal.  The staff there have decided to create an area in/near the offices of the school to display images and relics of those who have given to the community to do this, and many of the participants will get to see their face hanging on walls without any details associated with their name.

Construction of the new model school has not yet started, nor have we funded it.  Just like the US, there is a protocol required to start construction that includes getting government permission before we begin.  In Nepal, they will need to get engineering prints done, not much different than the US.  The primary difference in Nepal is that there won’t be a rigorous system of inspections and modifications based on safety findings.  The process of getting approval for a public facility is much longer there than here, as well.  Lastly, we don’t have a final price quote yet from which to work.  We would be dumb to begin before knowing what the anticipated outlay of $ will be.

New Water Tap

New Water Tap at the School

After our Himalayan Ultra-marathon event in Pokhara, both those who ran the race and those who watched and supported the race will travel to the Dang Valley to stay in the village of Sucrawar.  For nearly everyone, this will be a near National Geographic experience, living with an ancient tribe for several days.  Megan Riley, our trip coordinator, will keep folks engaged with activities. We will be entering the valley after the rice has been harvested and the major holidays of the year have been celebrated, so folks will be happy and back in their pre-holiday routines.  The best part about Dang in October and November is the availability of fresh food.  Fruits and vegetables and all sorts are available for the eating!  I am sure we will have lots of rice pudding, saffron cooked rice and 100 varieties of veggies before we leave.  During my stay, I almost always eat vegetarian, and I don’t anticipate this visit to be any different.

Even though we are 5 months out from leaving, we would like to begin asking for prayer.  This is the largest contingent ever travelling to Dang under my guidance.  I will be translating for more than my normal allotment of people, so I will need prayer for patience.  All of the travelers will need prayers for health, as most of them have never been to Asia, let alone the Himalaya.  Finally, we will need discernment as we decide whom to trust and whom to ignore as we traverse the country.  Fortunately, we have good people in country at The Nepal Project.

We still have room for those of you who feel the desire to go to Nepal and run the Himalaya.  Megan needs 2 more runners to fill out her trip.

Expect more updates as we get closer, as well as some great shots, in country.



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