Feedback on Teacher Training

In a few short months, The Nepal Project raised funds and paid for a series of teacher trainings.  We wired the last of the money to the training company in Kathmandu last week, and the third and final phase of the training is about to begin at Madan Bhandhary School in Dang.

The young boy standing next to me in this photo is the principal of the school.  He was my student 29 years ago.  The Peace Corps works.

Jeff Gaura wearing Boy Scout pants in nepal.

Walking home from school, carrying one of the boys home. Notice that I am wearing my Boy Scout pants that I wore at summer camp when I was teenager.

Here is some of the feedback to date.  Note that Nepal operates on a different calendar system.  It is currently 2072, not 2016.  I have intentionally not corrected any of the English.

“Thanks a lot. Around Rs.8000 was inadequate but I requested and told about the story of The Nepal Project and your support then they are agreed to provide us discount. Thanks, thanks a lot for the support.”

“From the coming academic year 2073, we are going to incorporate training in our curriculum. We will conduct 15 days seminar at the beginning of the season to integrate training and curriculum. It is very challenging for us that we are running school is in traditional way and we have to go for new methodology. It is specially tough for teachers to unite the materials. I think teachers training will definitely works a lot. If this works that will be the Justice for you and the organization. I know that it  is very difficult to raise even a single cent. I requested many people in Nepal as well but nothing was obtained. We people do not have culture to assist the others. Anyway, we school family is very happy with your kind support.”

Our efforts are like that of the sower in the book of Matthew. Some shall see these teachers, using modern methods, and they will ask questions but return to doing things the old way.  Some will ignore entirely.  Some will try to incorporate them on their own and be rejected by their peers.  Yet, some will take the ideas to their schools and implement them, changing the lives of another thousand students per year.  Making a difference takes risks.  Thanks to taking them, with us, by supporting The Nepal Project.

That said, Marty Cocking and I (Jeff Gaura) have decided that we lack the personal resources to make a trip to Nepal this fall.  We both have full-time jobs, and I have a commitment to TeamUSA this fall.  We intend to have another board meeting in/around June, and we will issue a report afterwards.

If anyone has an interest in joining us on a future trip (no sooner than 2017) please let us know.




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