Ahead of Schedule

Positive updates are great.  Currently, we have three to report.

  1. It is nice when you exceed expectations, and that is what happened this last iteration of fundraising and project support.  We are pleased to announce that we raised all the money needed to finish funding the teacher training project. In addition, all the feedback that we are getting from Nepal is that the training is viewed as fun, and the teachers are learning additional skills needed to teach the younger students in a more productive and culturally appropriate format.

    Teacher training

    Teacher training

  2. At a meeting between two board members this morning, we decided that it is now time begin planning our next trip to the Dang Valley of Nepal. We could not make a trip this year due to my schedule.  Next year, it appears the window will open for our return.  At the highest of levels, we need to see the impact of our work; we want to validate all the money that you have shared, and keep our view and self-imposed state of accountability at the forefront of the recipients.  Nepal has a horrible history of abusing funds, and as long as we can prevent that from occurring, we will.
  3. We have sold all of our inventory of blankets and bowls.  That is a good thing.  That said, if some of you intended to get some of these for holiday gifts but have not yet pulled the trigger, we can do an additional shipment, now that the road between Dang and Kathmandu is free flowing.  We have a minimum order (30 pieces); otherwise, it doesn’t make sense do purchase and ship, due to the large upfront costs of transport and shipping. Speak up, if you want more, and we will see what we can do.

We have a couple of additional opportunities for you help out.  For those of you who run, you can run for a cause that can help raise money.  Everydayhero has received some anonymous donations for The Nepal Project, and after follow up with them, I created an account that links MapMyRun.com to The Nepal Project.  Get people to donate for your runs, and 100% of that goes to TNP.


We have a Facebook page.  Some organizations will create donations or matching donations (more likely) based on the number of likes.  Please click on our facebook page and like it.  It helps.


Again, thanks for your support of The Nepal Project.

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