Teacher Training Update

Do you notice anything about the picture of the current participants in the training that catches your attention?

The Nepal Project

Teachers learning a new way of teaching.

You can’t help but see that they are sitting on the ground (concrete), with only a layer of green AstroTurf between them and the concrete.  They have no hard surface to write on, nor do they have tables to put their teaching aids or extra materials.  Nepal ranks 166 out of 198 countries in GDP, so that is to be expected, right?

What you can see is that they are excited about learning and like their new role in the process of educating the next generation! Albeit humble, this learning environment that we are funding has created a sense of empowerment by giving them new ideas on how to present subject matter that used only to be taught via the lecture method.  All the kids know is that their teachers are not boring anymore.

OK, let’s add to this what you can’t see with what you can; everyone here has at least one college degree, and some have as many as three degrees.  All of these people are heroes locally, and they are all considered wealthy, when compared with locals whom only farm, as they all have jobs.

Make do!

Make do!

The Nepal Project has already sent in the deposit to pay for the start of this training. However, this deposit nearly depleted our account, and it isn’t replenished yet.  You can help us address pay for the remainder of this training!

Our latest shipment of yak blankets and singing bowls has arrived!  Although most of this shipment has been spoken for, there are still about 10 blankets and 6 bowls that are looking for homes.

Each blanket costs $35, and shipping in the US is another $8.  The singing bowls also cost $35 and shipping is $10.  Click here to pay or just go to the homepage and hit “donate now.”  Put in the notes section of the Paypal transfer what you are buying and how many you want.

Pray for the teachers involved in the training and all the students that they shall be touching.  It is not common place when you can buy a gift and make such a difference in another country.

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