Teacher Training in Dang

The Nepal Project has a need for teacher training for the staff of Madan Bhandari School (MBS).  After receiving solar power and computers from our efforts, they have concluded that the teachers needs training as to how to best integrate these ideas into their curriculum.

Kids1The MBS board has decided that they want to holistically train all the teachers but know that even with our help, they won’t have the money to do that, in one year.  As such, they decided to start training the primary school teachers this year and will gradually train the upper school teachers, in the future.

The total projected training costs have been negotiated down from $8000 to $4300, thanks to Nav Raj’s efforts to subscribe only to services needed and therefore keep the price down.  This AM, the Board of Directors committed the Nepal Project to trying to raise that money, under the condition that I send the payment directly to the training company, to minimize any potential corruptive effects.

The total we need is $4300.

We are asking for your help in paying for this training.  With this money, several dedicated community members who are already working in the school will get a multi-month training and follow-up program on Montessori methods, among others as well as have post training supervision and evaluations to help ensure that they can successfully implement what they have learned.

The original plan for providing training included two of us creating a curriculum, travelling to Nepal to deliver the training, and assume that they got it.  With this new strategy, we have additional mechanisms for success, the overall cost is less and the presenters are local.  Sure, I will miss a year in Nepal, but we are providing what they need in a more effective way.

As we receive money, I will send out praise notifications.  Every dollar helps.

We can do this.  This country has been all but assaulted in the last 4 months.  We need to be their hope.MB-13


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