Post Earthquake Update

I have received many questions from Americans and some updates from Nepalese that I want to share.

As many of you have heard on the media, there were a series of Earthquakes that centered in Nepal.  The USGS measured them to be 7.8 in magnitude…that makes these quakes about 16 times more powerful than the quakes that hit Haiti 5 years ago.  Many buildings in Nepal are built with mud brick and unreinforced concrete, making them susceptible to collapse when moved. Since the first round of quakes, there have been many aftershocks, leaving people scared.  Their future is uncertain.

I currently have 39 friends on Facebook who are Nepali and live in the affected regions of Nepal.  Of these 39, mostd6e4f108-670e-44d8-9701-3cd727c0b189 have checked in as safe on the Facebook safety check website.  As an update to all, the Dang Valley, where we do our ministry, is separated by nearly 200 miles.  Although the quake has affected 4 countries, I have spoken to Nav Raj, and he confirmed that the quakes were not felt in Dang.

If something significant does reach me via social media or through traditional telephony, I will update everyone.  For now, please pray that the quakes end and those affected receive assistance, ASAP.

I still intend to travel to Nepal in October, FYI.

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