Recognition of all those who gave

No ministry nor any non-profit organization operates without lots of effort behind the scenes contributed by volunteers and donors.  This year, I want to take the time to bring attention to those who did more than help out.

Jeff Gaura wearing a dauwa suruwal

At Madan Bhandary School, in Nepali clothing.

Scott and Amy Merritt opened their mini-golf business in our area and gave us 100% of the proceeds from golf sales for a day.  They didn’t give us the profit-they gave us the gross.  That sort of sacrifice by a business owner is rare these days, and without their donation, we could not have put solar panels up.  Thank you, Merritt family. You are a blessing.

Thanks to Troop 226 for taking on helping The Nepal Project as one of your service projects.  You will perhaps meet the people that you have met, if we all go there, in 2016.

Pam and Michael Bruno, Chris Doyel, Betty Gaetan and Kurt Desoto have be loyal givers for years.  This year, as we accumulated their donations, we had enough in our account to take on two large projects at the same time.  Thank you, guys.  Your continual support made a difference.  Grass roots ministries like this, unaffiliated with any specific church or parent company, cease to exist without people like you.  The Nepal Project is partly yours.  Go brag about the difference you made this year.  Go show off our pictures and tell the world how a little $ can go a long way, on the other side of the world.  We need you guys.

For all of you who purchased blankets, your incremental assistance amounted to thousands of dollars that we could use  to put solar panels on the roofs of schools in Southern Nepal.  You not only create employment opportunities for people to make blankets, but you gave to a community that you may never visit.  It was an altruistic act.  Thank you.

My family and company made sacrifices as they operated without me for a couple of weeks, while I was in Nepal.  Thanks to Linda, Alex and Michael.  Thank the Lord that the management of The Network Team is good to go when the president is not there!

To Brainstorm, the company who came up with critical money in the final hours, literally, to help make sure that we had enough money to pay for the rest of the equipment needed at the 2nd school.  Without their help, there would be another unfinished development project in the 3rd world.  We don’t need any more of those!  Thank you, Brainstorm.

Lastly, to Marty Cocking.  Marty took time off from work, without pay, to fly to and from Nepal to review the solar projects and make recommendations for change.  He raised his own support for the trip and gave all of his extra contributions to the people of Nepal and kept none for himself.  He is a messenger and giver of all that he has.  His family would be proud of him, if they could have seen him.

We are returning to Nepal in 2015.  Stay tuned.

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