T-Minus two days

Life will be too busy for me to write any updates between now and when we all land in Kathmandu.

One this trip, Marty will be going to review construction and make recommendations for change.  Also, as a board member, his insight for future work is valuable.

Megan Riley on a Missions Trip to Nepal with The Nepal Project, Inc.

Our photographer and videographer for this trip.

Megan Riley will also be going.  She will serve as a videographer, photographer and blogger for us.  Some of the entries will be prepared and published by Megan.  She has never been to Nepal, and we expect that her view of the scene will be insightful for those of you that cannot be a part of this.

I have a 10 hour layover in the Middle East, specifically, Qatar.  I know that they are hosting the World Cup in a few years and are wealthier, on average, than America, but I still have some fears.  I don’t know the language, but the media has influenced me to be a bit concerned.  Yes, I am being a redneck, but I suspect I will go for a walk, get a hotel for a couple of hours and countdown the time till I get a flight to Kathmandu.

After a quick day and a half in Nepal’s Capital city to address jet lag (I will be 10:45 minutes ahead of the US, changing to 11:45 minutes ahead, once daylight savings time expires) before travelling to the Indian border for a 5 hour “commute” into the Dang Valley.  This time of year, Dang rocks.  Food is plentiful, with lots of variety, and everything is green, from the 4 month monsoon that just ended.

We have already sent over money for deposits to begin purchasing materials for the school construction, and we will be carrying over the remainder of the money to purchase the actual panels, wiring, mounts and installation services that we need.  Since the two schools we are helping are a 2 hour walk apart, we will probably be spending each night in a different location as well as eating in different people’s homes, each day.  We will be both in Tharu long houses and traditional homes, and I will be speaking two different languages.  Since my Tharu all but stinks, there may be lots of humor, especially when I ask for more “catfood” or whatever during a speech or public gathering.  Oh, if you only knew…

We only have a few days in Dang before we return to Kathmandu and fly home.  Megan is staying on, travelling in India for a few months before heading back to the US, as she is starting a travel agency.

Our prayer requests are very common place for a missions trip, with a few unique ones.

1) Travelling safety….I am scared of the Middle East, Ebola, the Boogie Man, etc.

2) No financial abuse.  We safeguard and publicly expose to anyone who asks what we do with your donations.  That said, there is no such reciprocation in Nepal.  I don’t want to see this money turned into the purchase of a water buffalo and not go to solar, where it is needed.

3) The Message.  Everyone is readily convinced that we all sin, but most still think that they can, of their own effort, make things right between themselves and God.  I will get chances to share and unwind this belief.  Pray that it is received.

4) New connections.  Nepal is busting at the seams with growth, and there are always new people and connections to make.  Let us meet those whom we can help.

5) Our Nepal leaders:  Nav Raj Adhikari, Khopi Ram Chaudhary, their wives and children and those whom they lead.  They are the future of valley, and they need blessings more than we ever will.

Expect an update from Kathmandu.

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