T Minus One Week and counting…

It is hard to believe that in one week, three of us will board planes for Nepal to oversee the installation of solar arrays on two different schools in the Dang Valley of Nepal.  Yet, the trip seems light years away right now.  Before we leave, I have an ultra marathon to run, a party to host, 4 presentations to give and a whole lotta bills to pay. The Thursday night flight to the Middle East followed by a 7 hour layover before the final 7 hours to Kathmandu seem a long way away.

Jeff Gaura and the founder of the Nepali Himalayan Porter's Association

Jeff and the founder of the Himalayan Porters Union.

Two men who used to be students of mine will greet me at the airport.  Things are different now.  Those boys are no longer my teenage students.  One is a headmaster of a large and growing school.  The other runs a social help organization, and is one of the most respected people in his society.  They have both become leaders.  Yet, on this visit, they shall return to being my students as we teach them not only the nuts and bolts of solar energy, but also how to help share the vision with others from the Dang Valley.  Our injection of this technology is the exact opposite of the Prime Directive, for those of you who are Star Trek fans.

We can’t wait to go!  Sure, there are some real loose ends.  As of today, we are $3300 short of our goal, and we only have a week left to raise it.  I am leaving that to God and to some serendipity to meet that need.

Although I know both of the other people going on the trip, the two of them won’t meet for the first time until tomorrow.  We don’t have a packing list, nor have we assigned roles for who is carrying over what into Kathmandu.  We start filming our documentary on this project tomorrow afternoon, literally an hour after all of us meet.

As promised, here are our prayer requests.

1) Finish the funding

2) Travelling projection as we travel both through the middle east and into Nepal.

3) That we are well received into Nepal, via customs.

4) That our flights from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj on a proverbial puddle jumper be safe.  As some of you know, snow has hit the Himalaya particularly hard this year, and many people have already been killed in avalanches.

5) Our guts be protected.  Bacterial levels are higher at this time of year than any other time, as the monsoon just recently ended, and everything has been wet for about 4 months.  Sure, there are drugs to fix these issues, but it takes a few days that we don’t have.  We need wisdom about what to eat…and when.

6)  Opportunities to share come up.

If each of you who are intending to pray could respond and let us know which one or two of these you have a heart to pray for.  We want to consolidate everyone’s prayer hearts, so we can get real specific about where we have low levels of prayer coverage.  Keep in mind that Nepal is 11.75 hours ahead of the US, so if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, I might darn well be on the roof of a school, needing some prayer…

Megan should be blogging and posting photos to our Facebook page.  Make sure you follow us at http://facebook.com/nepalproject

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