Board of Directors Meeting Notes: August, 2014


Jeff Gaura

Bruce Petty

Marty Cocking

Time:  10:15 till 11:30

Date:  23 August, 2014


We opened the meeting in prayer and distributed the written requests for support for solar projects at both Saudiyar and Madan Bhandary schools.   We all agreed to try and fund each project not at the requested levels but at $5000 per school.

We committed to leave the US to travel to Nepal on 10/23/2014.  We need to either see construction or the final product when we arrive.

Initial questions came up that we all agreed needed to be answered before proceeding.  They included:

  • What kind of equipment are the schools intending to get?
  • Will internet be available for curriculum?
  • Does money need to arrive in advance for material down payment before we arrive?
  • Do we need to supply any tools with our visit?
  • What software do they have on their PCs today?

As a fundraiser, Trails Dynasty Miniature Golf is letting us take 100% of the gross proceeds for the sales of any mini-golf on Labor Day, 1 September, 2014.  We anticipate this bringing in several thousand dollars, if not all that we need.

In the event that we do not raise enough, Jeff is going to run an ultra-marathon on 19 October, and he agreed to use this event as a fund raiser.

Jeff told Bruce and Marty about Megan Riley’s willingness to shoot video and create blogs Re: our visit.  Marty suggested than we get Gyanu Adhikari to shoot video after we are gone that best depicts how the solar energy is impacting the rest of the community.

Jeff will ask Megan to compile and make a video, afterwards.

We agreed to sell the remaining blankets at the event, as well.  We counted and have 23 to sell.

Lastly, we agreed to gather again in late winter, preferably March.


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