Power is fading…we need help

We are experiencing setbacks.  We do not know if they are meant to encourage us to try harder, or are a sign that we shouldn’t be doing these things and telling all we know about our efforts, only to have them idle.

Then, as I am about to lose hope, good things happen, and hope returns.

We expected to get a donation from a solar panel distributor. They decided not to give us the product we needed.

I applied for a grant from a philanthropist who changed my life years ago.  One of her assistants sent out the “so sorry so sad” email yesterday, telling us that we were not accepted.

I received both a phone call and a Facebook message, from different people in Nepal, asking for project status and an update as to when we are returning.  I told them, “we still plan to come in October, but we haven’t been given all that we need, yet.”  They reiterate their gratitude for our input and share stories about how this has changed the community.  It is then that we know we have done the right thing and will press on.

Nepali child wearing a yak wool sweater

A young Nepali child wearing a yak wool sweater.

Our need remains.  We have a school that needs solar panels, batteries and wiring.  Our cost on that is ~ $12,000.  We have $3K in the bank account.  The intention remains to visit Nepal, train local installers and put the panels into use at a school in Dang.  However, without either donated panels or the ability to buy them, we are stuck.  We are $9K short of our goal.

Please pray that God provides for the resources to buy these solar components.


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