First Quarter 2014 Update

The Nepal Project was active in the first quarter, but not as much as would normally happen.  As I prepare for the World Championships, I have been focusing in on 1 Cor 6:19, namely, making sure that my body is the best performing temple of God that it can be.  More than once, as I have been cycling or running in and around our community, I have asked the question, “how much easier will having a fit body make my travels within Nepal be, next time I am over there?”  Certainly, it will be easier to get around from village to village.

As for high points, we have been successful at raising money.  Last night, at an event in downtown Charlotte, we sold ~ 20 blankets, and I spoke on that ministry’s stage about how this money gets raised for and used to further education in Nepal.  We all got to hear a great message from Jonathan Scott, a pastor at Forest Hills Church.  The audience was mostly millennials, and he spoke directly to their situation.  In addition, our first tax return as a non-profit shall be prepared soon, and it brings me great warmth knowing that our policy of “open books at all times,” shall apply with the IRS, as well.

As for low points, we have really only one.  We have been unsuccessful in getting any assistance with Khopi Ram’s visa.  We were told by the consulate in Nepal that we need to get a J1 visa.  That said, there are only a few organizations in the US that can sponsor a J1 visa.  I have spoken to several of them, but none of them are willing to help. The Nepal Project cannot become a sponsoring organization, as the Department of State is not accepting any new sponsoring organizations into the J1 program.  Khopi Ram sits with his phone, anxiously awaiting a message from me to that it is time to go to Kathmandu and fly to America.  If anyone has any contacts in immigration law, please share this message with them.  As of right now, we have no path to get him to the US that doesn’t include some sort of intervention.

Our prayer requests appear mundane yet remain critically important to our success:

  • We want on-going favor with Nepal’s leadership in the Dang Valley, that we are accepted in our outreach to build schools and share Jesus with others.
  • We want Khopi Ram to come to the US for training in US Construction methods.
  • That our upcoming trip to Nepal in 2015 open the door for additional exchange.  May we find new communities that need schools and may Jesus shine, in us.

Thanks again, for your support.  We have approximately 25 blankets in inventory now.  If you have an interest in getting one either for yourself or someone else, let us know.

jeff gaura and friend of the nepal project

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