2013 in Review

By the time you read this, 2013 will nearly be over.  You should want to know if your donations and prayers made a difference.

Although I am getting the credit for what you see below, it is your contributions that made this happen.

Using $1200 of donated funds, we purchased 5 computers for the use at a school

This is what we can do.

Look at the kids, looking at computer screens for what is, most likely, the first time in their lives.

Young kids in the Dang Valley of Nepal looking at computer screens for the first time.

Sure, other things “good” happened, but it was just nothin’ compared with these kids. If life is a game of baseball, we hit a home run this year.   If there is any credibility to the belief that we are here, on this earth, to better those less fortunate and make the next generation better off than the previous, we did well.

We remain cash flow positive.  We have a new website, directors and we hope to see Khopi Ram with a US Visa in his hand in a few months.

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