Speech, in absentia, for Nepal Project

Nav Raj asked me to create a message to be read outloud to the students at his school regarding the donation of the computers. Many community members will be there, in addition to the students. Here is my message.

In America, we say,

If you always do what you always have done,
You always get what you always have gotten.

So, for Nepal to progress, they need things that they do not have that let them see into other countries and cultures to learn from them.

With these computers, we want you to connect to the Internet and learn how other countries do agriculture. Learn how we farm, so you can better use your land. Learn how we raise vegetables, so you can add more variety to your diet.

Your father and your mother have taught you well, but you need more than they can teach you to live in the modern world. Take these gifts and fill your minds.

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